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XZAKTLY set of 8 indoor pickleball balls are designed to perfect your indoor game play. These balls meet the United States Pickleball Association standards in design, size, weight, and all specifications. The 26 equally spaced-out holes are carefully drilled and positioned to ensure the perfect consistency in flight, bounce and long-lasting durability. They are built for long lasting use and performance. The neon green color ensures visibility no matter dark or bright lighting and allows for quick responses to volleys from just outside the kitchen or the opposing baseline. The XZAKTLY indoor balls can be used for both competitive matches and recreational play. This set of 8 neon green indoor balls includes a convenient mesh drawstring carry bag.

Indoor Ball (Pack of 8) - Neon Green

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Weight: .88 oz.

    Diameter: 2.9in

    Material: Durable Hard Plastic

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