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How to Have the Best Pickleball Form

Hey there! It's Zak. When I first started Pickleball in high school it was exhilarating yet nerve-wracking. When I was first starting off I didn't have anybody to teach me the basics, but today I want to make sure you do! So, I've included all of my best tips to help you and anyone who's interested to start playing Pickleball as soon as possible, and in the right way.

  1. Holding the Paddle: Hold the paddle handle with your dominant hand and wrap your fingers around it. Your index finger should be on the top edge and your thumb on the bottom edge. The other fingers should be wrapped around the handle, providing stability and control.

  2. Body positioning: Stand with your knees slightly bent and keep your weight balanced. This will help you to be quick and agile on the court, and it will also make it easier to reach high balls.

  3. Footwork: Good footwork is essential for playing pickleball effectively. My advice is to move your feet quickly to get into position and use short, quick steps to get to the ball.

  4. Shot placement: Place the ball where your opponent is not. Focus on hitting the ball to the open areas of the court and away from your opponent's strengths.

  5. Consistent Practice: Regular practice is crucial for improving your form and overall pickleball skills. Make sure to practice different shots, footwork, and strategies, and don't be afraid to try new things. I always look to those who are where I want to be and try to emulate their routines and mindsets into my own!

I'll see you on the courts!

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